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Katie's Journal

30 January
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36 crazyfists, afi, alcohol, anorexia, ateryu, atheism, avenged sevenfold, baggy tshirts, bands, basketball, beer, being hyper, bisexuality, black, black eyeliner, black nail varnish, black stuff, boys kissing, boys wearing eyeliner, bullet for my valentine, burning stuff, candles, cappucinos, cats, cheese toasties, chimaira, chocolate, coffee, corey taylor, corn exchange, cuddling, daron malakian, dave grohl, death, death metal, diaries, disturbed, donnie darko, dreaming, drums, eating, eighteen visions, electric guitar, evergreen terrace, fear factory, fire, foo fighters, friends, funeral for a friend, ghosts, giggling, gigs, going to the gym, gothic culture, goths, green day, grin, guitars, h.i.m, hardcore, hatebreed, headbanging, high fidelity, holding hands, hoodies, hot juice, hugging, in flames, internet, jackass, joey jordison, john dolmayan, johnny knoxville, jumping, kerrang, killswitch engage, kissing, korn, kurt cobain, lamb of god, laughing, laura, leaping, love, lucid dreams, machine head, marilyn manson, mark hunter, matrix, matt tuck, melting stuff, metal, metallica, mosh pits, moshers, moshing, motorgrater, msn, music, my chemical romance, nirvana, ozzfest, papa roach, piercings, piggy backs, pizza, playing guitar, pyromania, rain, reading, rings, rock, running, satan, satanism, serj tankian, shadows fall, shavo odadjian, sikth, slayer, sleeping, slipknot, snuggling, sohos, soil, soilwork, spineshank, sport, starbucks, supernatural, system of a down, taking back sunday, tattoos, the offspring, the ring, the sims 2, thinking, thrash metal, thunder and lightning, thunderstorms, trivium, tshirts, vegetarianism, ville valo, walking, wandering, woohooing